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Post an Rabbi Berger auf dem Berg Zion

Dear Rabbi Berger,

I, Hannes Josef Antaszek, and in my capacity Managing Director of as a Trustee of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust, have a question for you today.

Here are some introductory explanations.

The Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust administers the national wealth of the nation of Ephraim, an association of people under Ephraim, the priest of the order of Melchizedek, who committed themselves to Torah and Prophets to implement and fulfill the biblical promises for the restoration of the kingdom at the end of days.

We are no Jews, but we see ourselves as the descendants of Jacob, who commonly number among the 10 lost tribes of the northern kingdom and whose resurrection from the dead took allready place through the Spirit at this time. An increasing number of people around the world are realizing that they are waking up to the reality of the Bible and it is Messiah's task to gather them, which he has already undertaken in his ministry since 2015. All documents relating to his testimony have been available to the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem for about 2 years.

But now back to my question.

A primary purpose of the Ephraim National Gold & Silver Trust is to use the accumulated gold and silver deposits of its members to produce the Silver and Gold TempleCoin, the biblical shekel, to meet the requirements of the Temple and the House of God payments in Jerusalem.

Our silver shekel has a fixed gauge weight of 7.776 g, a diameter of 25.5 mm and a depth of 14.5 mm. The 25.5. commemorates the birthday of the firstborn from the dead, Ephraim, and there are always 145 days in the year until May 25th. The 14.5. is, of course, the founding day of the State of Israel, which was founded with a view to the future gathering of the tribes and was also named that way.

The TempleCoins are now in circulation and it is always on the heart of many of our members to send these coins to Jerusalem as a voluntary gift for Jerusalem and as fulfillment of the biblical commandments, as long as we do not allowed to travel, as our religion requires, three times a year Jerusalem to bring them with us because of our enemies, the socialists, still keep us in Babylon.

Hence my request to you today, whether you, who are seated as representative of the house of David on the holy mountain fortress of Zion, would offer to accept our sent coins for further use for repairing the world.

In our view, Mount Zion plays a central role in the restoration of the world, at least this address is also clearly named in the Torah and prophets, as well as in the Revelation of John as the place of arrival for the Lamb of God, the Messiah in the resurrection.

Until the controversy and confusion surrounding the identities of Messiah Ben David and Ben Joseph is finally resolved, I and our Trust account holders would be delighted if we could send our SilverTempleCoins to you on Mount Zion to take the next small step towards making the New Covenant between Ephraim and Judah.

I am attaching the Constitution of the Trust for further research and recommend that you contact Rabbi Avraham Feld who is in touch with us and holds much relevant information. It is also worth checking the domains below in the email signature.

I ask you to recognize the importance of my letter and, even if theological differences still exist, to accept the pure acceptance of our gifts for the house of God in the form of silver TempleCoins, which would not only please me from the bottom of my heart, but the many people for which I am writing on behalf.

So I remain with the hope that you will accompany us in this step or, alternatively, show us a way of how and where we can send our TempleCoins.

With best regards, God's blessings and a warm Shalom,

Hannes Josef Antaszek

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